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hamandegger · 05/07/2010 22:06

we are collection our first chucks tomorrow, 2 ex-bats. Im sooo excited, but also starting to panic about foxes, and having all the right stuff too. The house in raised, and will be very securely locked at night, but have just (naively) realised that foxes will come in the day too. the run is enclosed but with no floor, we were planning on having it on the grass - is this a bad idea? Also, what do you put in their house at night? Is straw/paper OK? Thanks oh wise ladies

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hamandegger · 05/07/2010 22:15

bump bum ? please help meeeeee

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bramblebooks · 05/07/2010 22:21

Ooh new ladies! Put straw in their nestbox and line the poo tray under their perches with newspaper.
You might want to sit their run on slabs round the outside so foxes can't tunnel under.
Lots of ideas also onthe omlet website.
Looking forwards to hearing about your ladies!

hamandegger · 05/07/2010 22:27

hurrah a reply! how far in should the slabs be? so worried about the kids finding decapitated chickens, and the chickens being decapitated chickens too obviously. we are collection them between nursery and school run tomorrow, cant wait!

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isthatporridgeinyourhair · 05/07/2010 22:41

I use woodshavings rather than straw. I find that it's more absorbent and doesn't contain any nasties like mites etc.

bramblebooks · 05/07/2010 22:54

It's just to make sure that the foxes can't dig under. Some people sink chicken wire into the soil.
I use straw or flax in the poo trays , anything absorbent is good!

hamandegger · 05/07/2010 23:00

cool, ill do a little trial and error with the bedding, and see how we go. roll on tomorrow! just had a look at the omlet website which is good, shows you how to bath them too!

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hamandegger · 06/07/2010 22:14

Chickens are lovely thanks for all your advice. There are currently snoozing away, and seem very happy. They are so relaxing to watch, I could spend hours out there!

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Millie1 · 06/07/2010 22:20

Glad to hear they're settling well ... enjoy them!

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