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help please - chuck poorly

racmac · 23/04/2010 18:53

We had 6 chucks last week. Today 1 of them is poorly, she has yellow gunk hanging out of her and it almost looks like an egg has broken when she has been laying.

I have given her lots of water which she has been drinking, she is sat in the shed very quietly and not herself. She is moving around a little but not really eating.

Any experience anyone?

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nickelbabe · 26/04/2010 13:45

yes, it does sound like an egg.
it's most likely that the shell has not formed properly and she's laid the egg without a shell, or with a soft shell.

as she's looking weak and listless, she'll need to go to the vet.
the egg has probably made a mess inside and you must be careful if there's egg still elft inside.

the vet will squirt her with oily stuff and persuade her to release the resst of the egg.

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