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How many eggs do you get from your hens after the first year?

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SethStarkaddersMum · 12/04/2010 10:53

....and what breed are they?
Just wondering how many I can expect after the first year.

OP posts:
sarah293 · 12/04/2010 12:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ouchitreallyhurts · 12/04/2010 13:12

my black rocks still lay almost daily (although had a break over winter) my sussex is laying sporadically and some very dodgy shells

SethStarkaddersMum · 12/04/2010 13:25

That's encouraging re the GRs - I have 2 of those. (My other hen is a Light Sussex.)

OP posts:
conkertree · 12/04/2010 13:34

we have three black rocks and they lay 6 each a week roughly.

they are about 2 1/2 - not really sure how long to expect them to keep playing for.

nickelbabe · 12/04/2010 14:10

i've got a silverlink (aka silverstar/amberlink/amberstar) and she doesn't seem to have laid at all since summer.
and the bovans nera is laying less too.

the rate is supposed to drop by a quarter, though, so if you got 300 last year, in the 2nd year you'll get about 225.
or something.
then it drops about the same every year.

SethStarkaddersMum · 12/04/2010 15:44

that's interesting Nickelbabe, re it dropping by around a quarter.
Hopefully by the time mine lay few enough for us not to get enough, we will have moved house and have enough room for a few more.
Otherwise I will have to be ruthless....

OP posts:
LilyBolero · 12/04/2010 15:46

We have 4 3-year-old hens and 2 2-year olds, we get about 3-4 eggs a day from them, so about 25 a week.

They are 2x Bovan Goldline, 1x Speckeldy, 1x Black Rock, 1x Silverlink, 1x Bluebelle.

SethStarkaddersMum · 13/04/2010 14:51

sounds good Lily.
I had somehow got the idea they would hardly lay any after the first year.

OP posts:
nickelbabe · 14/04/2010 09:56

it'll always be enough to sustain you!
(if not, you can always add acouple every two years. )

Lily: i think you've got the best bunch of leyers there! all egg-machine hybrids (especially the black rock and silverlink!)

alibubbles · 14/04/2010 15:21

My 7 are ober 2 ears old, I get 6 or 7 a day most days. I gave 40 on the worktop at the moment, swapping 2 dozen for a manicure later today!

alibubbles · 14/04/2010 15:25

I have similar to some of you, 1 Bovan goldline ( 1 ran away or got foxed!) 2 Bovan Neras, I silverlink/amberstar, 2 white sussex and a speckeldy

daisydotandgertie · 14/04/2010 15:43

We've 4 x 4 year olds (light sussex and blackrocks), 2 x 3 year olds (vorwerks), 6 x 2 year olds (cockoo marans and columbian blacktails) and 5 1 year olds (blue and cuckoo marans).

At the moment we're collecting between 14 - 17 eggs a day. I suppose it helps that the older birds are hybrid laying machines, but we're a bit over-run with eggs at the moment!

bramblebooks · 14/04/2010 16:01

My 2 1/2 yr old are not laying at present. In fact we thought the gingernut was on her way out this week- she's perked up since we wormed her (again!). Miss pepperpot just rolls the other girls' eggs under herself and sits on them.

nickelbabe · 14/04/2010 16:46

Gingernut sounds like she might be prone to worms.
do you use flubenvet? if not, you should: then you do it at regular intervals (to all chickens) and you shouldn't get anymore reoccurances.

Miss Pepperpot is broody, then. she'll get over it in a couple of weeks!
Pamela was broody a while ago and we just had to keep lifting her off the eggs.

bramblebooks · 15/04/2010 19:55

Yes, we worm them regularly with flubenvet - they love the grape method!

Pepper pot is not broody, that's speckledy's speciality! She's probably addled and forgets she can't lay! She goes in daily and has a sit for half an hour - all since November when she stopped laying. Ah well. Broodies go in a broody cage here. Soon sorts them out.

14chicks hatched today at school = shame they're not mine, maybe later in the season, eh? ....

SethStarkaddersMum · 16/04/2010 10:46

I think mine might have worms. Their laying has dropped off in the last week or two and I keep finding runny poos.
Am about to buy Flubenvet - do you know of any good internet suppliers?

OP posts:
SethStarkaddersMum · 16/04/2010 10:53

done - just ordered via Amazon because with 2 small dcs round the house it is so hard to find the time to sit down and enter credit card details etc on a site I haven't used before!

OP posts:
nickelbabe · 16/04/2010 14:50

aww, bramble! your poor senile chicken!

seth: that's great, it's always worth worming them as a matter of course anyway! it doesn't matter where you get it from, as long as you get it!!

bramblebooks · 16/04/2010 15:29

At least she's feathered up now. During the great
moult she mainly lost her head feathers and was known as little bald eddie.

Gingernut is reasserting herself, so hopefully all is well.

nickelbabe · 16/04/2010 17:09
SethStarkaddersMum · 17/04/2010 16:43

Wow, that was quick - my Flubenvet came already!
How often should I do it?

OP posts:
nickelbabe · 17/04/2010 16:47

ooh! that's good service.
i'm not sire how often you do it.
are there no instructions?
usually with that kind of thing, it's best to do what they say, rather than what people advise (okay, i know that sounds really really obvious, but you know what i mean, i hope! )

SethStarkaddersMum · 17/04/2010 16:55

Well they tell you to do it for 7 consecutive days, then to re-treat 3 weeks later if it is a known worm infestation, which of course I will do, but don't say how often you should if it is just precautionary.
Unless they mean I should do it every three weeks, which seems a bit much!

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 17/04/2010 17:01

my nearly 2yo's lay most days, probably 6 a week each, sometimes 7.
think they are a bluebell and a nero something.
BUT they did stop laying this winter whereas the 1st winter they didn't. They probably had 2 months off lay. So overall the number of eggs will be down.

ChasingSquirrels · 17/04/2010 17:01

I was told to worm every 6 months

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