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Egg Glut

10 replies

jpg · 02/04/2010 21:48

Do any of you have any wonderful recipes that use vast quantities of eggs that kiddywinks like please?

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sazlocks · 02/04/2010 21:55

ooooh - great thread - I also have an egg glut and will watch with interest

Mimile · 02/04/2010 21:59

we do flan, but get flan glut instead.
6 eggs + 1 liter of milk + 120g sugar + vanilla essence
makes 10 to 12 individual pots...

jpg · 02/04/2010 22:09

Arrgghhhh, kids are not keen on flan- sorry Mimile(and thanks)

There must be lots of recipes with loads of eggs, we are getting 6 or 7 a day and even I who loves eggs cannot eat that many!!!

Please please help, give me some ideas how I can use these to feed my lovely 4dcs

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ouchitreallyhurts · 03/04/2010 14:38

similar situation here! 11 a day. selling at farm gate but also making loads of sponge cakes (!) and will be attempting lemon curd.

I bought a wonderful book called 'hens in the garden, eggs in the kitchen' and the recipes at the bag use oodles of eggs and many are child friendly recipes too.
there really are only so many egg sandwiches that you can eat aren't there ?!

Millie1 · 03/04/2010 19:07

I've just used 8 eggs in a fritatta! Would that help at all?

KnottyLocks · 03/04/2010 19:11

Pickled eggs?

bramblebooks · 03/04/2010 19:13

yorkshire puddings

KnottyLocks · 03/04/2010 19:13

Homemade scotch eggs? Very lovely.

Meringue? With or without lemon.

KnottyLocks · 03/04/2010 19:16

Eggy bread - sweet like pan perdu or with icing sugar and cinnamon or savoury


Bread and butter pud

jpg · 04/04/2010 22:26

thanks very much ladies, I will spend the day cooking tomorrow

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