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We want to add another chicken to our flock

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Madsometimes · 12/03/2010 19:05

We have two omlet hens (gingernut rangers). They are great chickens, really friendly. Scarlett is a consistent layer, Ginny is on a three month break but we love her anyway.

We would like to add another chicken to our flock, probably a purebreed this time. We are not too concerned about egg yield, because our hens are pets. Can anyone recommend a breed to us? We are thinking of Dutch Bantams, but are open to suggestions from all you chicken keepers. So sell me your favourite chicken breed please!

OP posts:
BadGardener · 12/03/2010 21:16

I have 2 rangers and a Light Sussex, but as I've only had them for about a month I'm not really qualified to advise!
The Sussex is a vg layer but not as wetfriendly as the hybrids. But she is very, very pretty.

isthatporridgeinyourhair · 13/03/2010 07:23

Totally biased here as they are all I keep but I would vote for silkies.

V friendly, lay all year, can't fly, fluffy with pom poms, range of colours. 2 things to mention - can be prone to scaly leg (as can all feather footed breeds) but this is easily treated with surgical spirit and vaseline and also Mareks disease (most breeders vaccinate once when the chickes are a day old).

If you're interested I have a list of breeders who sell birds from the Silkie Club.

ditavonteesed · 13/03/2010 07:38

I would be a bit careful adding 1 chook to 2, you need to introduce it slowly, also if that chook is a lot smaller like a bantamn or a silkie. you mght need to get 2

daisydotandgertie · 13/03/2010 07:43

I'm with Dita - one chook will have a difficult time being added by herself. Two would be better tbh.

Blackrock hybrids are entertaining, and Welsummers lay beautiful dark brown eggs. Vorwerks are stunning and lay nearly white eggs with dark orange yolks.

Trouble is, there are so many beautiful chooks it's hard to recommend just one. That's how we've ended up with 18 and a cockerel called Dave.

ouchitreallyhurts · 13/03/2010 15:50

we have bluebells, marans,black rocks, white stars,speck'dy's and sussexs - I'd always go for more marans (althogh I love all my girls!!) the maran eggs are deep brown and they go round chatting all day and love a cuddle with the chidlren.
wouldnt' add just one though, will be bullied like mad most probably

bronze · 13/03/2010 15:54

was going to suggest you get two rather than one
I had a cockerel called Dave once too

GR are a middle sized bird so I would be wary of getting a bantam or miniature (she says with minis and great oafs of hubbards)

tartyhighheels · 13/03/2010 15:55

Black Rocks and good all rounders, sinfully ugly when young but they do bloom into beetle black gorgeous things, lay well and all that too. Make sure you introduce the new bird at night into the coop so they wake up together - makes integration easier and can reduce stress fir them all.

Madsometimes · 16/03/2010 13:51

We were thinking of adding two new birds, but were unsure of whether 4 birds would be a squeeze in an eglu. I guess if they are bantams, then that would be OK. Silkies do seem like a good bet too.

Our chickens are really fierce, and they would bully a new bird. We have a 5 month old puppy who is terrified of them, and with good reason. Scarlett is a tough bird who attacks the dog whenever she can get away with it.

I would love a cockerel called Dave too, but we are urban chicken keepers so not possible.

OP posts:
BadGardener · 16/03/2010 20:36

I think Omlet say 4 medium-sized (ie Gingernut Ranger size) is fine in an Eglu.
When I look in at my 3 after they've gone to bed, to check they are all there, they seem to be all huddled on one side and there would easily be room for another one.

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