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chickens vs the garden, housing run advice needed

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braid · 13/01/2010 13:53

Hi I'm confused on how best to house 6 chooks. At the moment they are in an immobile 11ft by 11ft run with a wooden house. I let them out to free range. We have a big garden, about acre and a half. I know in the spring they will annoy me digging up veg and plants so I will need to contain them but think the permanent run will be miserable. Should I fence off a big area of garden? How big would it need to be to avoid it becoming a mud run. Alternatively I could put them in eglu cube with run and move it around but that would feel v restrictive. I like seeing them scratching around the place. What would you do please? All involves more money of course.

OP posts:
Feelingforty · 12/02/2010 23:19

sounds like my dilemma...will keep watching !

Doodlez · 12/02/2010 23:41

Buy some chicken fencing and put it around your veg patch and lawn! It's dead easy to move around, so you could give them a new area to FR in periodically. I bought mine from Omlet and it's fab. Some days, I fence off a specific border I want weeding, put the chickens in (with some water available for them to drink) and let them get on with it!

11ft x 11ft run sounds mahoosive! 6 chickens would be fine in there permenantly as well - just put some perches and interesting stuff in it for them to play around!

nickelbabe · 16/02/2010 13:43

what Doodlez said

anything the chickens aren't allowed to dig in gets surrounded by chicken wire, then they can do what they like to the rest!

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