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Should I shut the chickens in the Eglu at night?

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Katymac · 20/12/2009 20:03

I never have but it is very cold - should I shut the door?

OP posts:
ChasingSquirrels · 20/12/2009 20:05

I don't usually (just a wooden house not a eglu) but did the night before last as SO cold.
I didn't last night, but this morning the water that I had put into the actual house so that it wouldn't freeze, was frozen solid. So I have shut them in tonight.

Katymac · 20/12/2009 22:25


OP posts:
Nekabu · 28/12/2009 18:55

Yes, shut the door at night. Apparently the Eglu is supposed to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter but it'll do neither if the door's open.

nickelbabyjesus · 31/12/2009 15:56

you should anyway, because it's the only way to guarantee a fox won't get in.

sarah293 · 31/12/2009 15:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Madsometimes · 07/01/2010 14:21

We shut the door every night. Lately dh has been putting a heat pad into the eglu to keep them warm.

nickelbabe · 07/01/2010 14:45

Riven, surely a fox can get into the eglu if the door's not shut?
have you got an otherwise fox-proof run? (i'm assuming you have...)

our chickens don't live in an eglu, but a wodoen hut and they sleep as far away from the open pop-hole as possible because of the cold.

highschoolmum · 08/01/2010 13:10

I don't close the door of my cube, and one of them sleeps very close to the opening, whatever the weather!

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