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Which of these leaftovers would be better for the chickens?

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Katymac · 28/11/2009 10:23

Plain pasta
Pasta with tomato & cheese
Sweet potato chips & baked beans

I really don't think they will manage them all as I only have 3 bantams

OP posts:
Katymac · 28/11/2009 10:40

Not completely convinced I know what "leaf tovers" are

But I'm stuck with feeding the chickens today & I need help

OP posts:
Katymac · 28/11/2009 10:45

& I just found rice with peas sweetcorn & raisins at the back of the fridge - would that be better?

Should I keep some for tomorrow & Monday?

Oh I am bad at this

OP posts:
shallishanti · 30/11/2009 23:18

put it all in the fridge and give it to them over a few days

Katymac · 01/12/2009 14:52

They ate lots of it

OP posts:
alibubbles · 02/12/2009 12:27

Hi Katmac, I bought mine some brussels on a huge stalk from sainsbury for £1 each, they loved them, stripped it bare!

Mine have Alpen with yoghurt today as I found an out of date packet at the back of the cupboard.

Yesterday they had Pasta peas and sweetcorn, they go mad for pasta in any shape or form.

RacingSnake · 18/12/2009 19:29

They will eat all the above and anything else you don't want to eat yourself, ie squashy tomatoes or apple cores, with great enthusiasm.

Finding it hard to think of things chickens won't eat .... teabags?

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