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Keeping chickens entertained - any ideas?

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Cakehead · 11/08/2009 13:21

We've just moved our chickens from their eglu to a fixed run. Whereas they were on grass, they're now on aubiose bedding on slabs. I feel a bit guilty that they can't peck the grass all day, but we do let them out for a couple of hours a day when we're around. But what can I put in the run to keep them entertained? We've cut up a big tree stump so they can jump up a peer about - they seem to like being quite high up. I've hung up some cds to peck, and also put in rolly things like apples and sweetcorn cobs in the morning. Any more ideas? Don't think we can run the cable tv up there, but I'd like to keep them busy...

OP posts:
Doodle2u · 11/08/2009 18:25

I keep meaning to get some of those wire balls that you fill with treats, hang up and let the chicken peck at.

Also, if you can find a good, big branch and drag it home and position in the WIR, they (most) seem to like hoping up and down and perching, off and on.

I'm told that a bail of straw keeps them happy but not tried it.

Also, a football, to jump on and off.

Mine ignore(d) the dangling CD's! (Just re-homed three hybrids so only have two Silkies at the moment but the hybrids didn't trouble themselves with the CD's!)

A couple of upturned plant pots seem to be appreciated, once again, just for hopping on and off.

Chuck in a hanful of grass cuttings when you mow the lawn.

Collect dandilion leaves if you're out for a walk and chuck them in too.

Pecking cauli & brocolli stems clean seems to be a fave past-time too.

Doodle2u · 11/08/2009 18:27

Rats and the thought of attracting rats puts me off this idea a bit but what they like doing best is scratching around, so maybe scatter some meal-worms or sweetcorn around the run for them to scratch and find.

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