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Love my chickens!!!

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LadyPinkofPinkerton · 06/08/2009 22:12

I've only had my 3 chickens two weeks, butam loving having them around. Still waiting for eggs and I love them so can't imagine what it will be like when i get eggs.

One of them is definitely close to laying, keep checking the nest box.

I find it totally amusing that they follow me around the garden while I'm hagning out washing etc. Working on the DC not being too scared of them. Wish I'd done it much sooner.

OP posts:
Madsometimes · 07/08/2009 19:00

Congratulations on your chickens. We are getting ours next week, and I will need loads of advice.

BroodyChook · 08/09/2009 14:21

I adore my girls! I have one hen who loves to sit on my shoulder while I'm hanging the washing out The kids have learned a lot about where their food comes from, too.

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