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Insurance for chickens?

3 replies

mrsrawlinson · 09/07/2009 10:35

We've had our girls (4 ex-batts) for just over a week now and already one of them's cost us £44 in vets' bills !

Before we got them I would have thought that insuring them was a daft idea, but now I'm not so sure! Do any of you have pet insurance for your hens, and if so, who do you use? I'm struggling to find a provider on Google.

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flopsyrabbit · 09/07/2009 21:35

OMG that could only happen in England.

Try the Agricultural/farming insurance co.s

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 09/07/2009 21:38

I really don't think you will find anything. The excess on my dog insurance is £70. It would have to be one big vet bill for a chicken that would be over that.

I do applaud you for being so dedicated to your chicken's welfare but it would only have been £3 to have put it down. Or learn to do it yourself for free.

mrsrawlinson · 09/07/2009 22:43

Thanks, Flopsy, will do.

Stripey, I can honestly say that never even crossed my mind. How soft am I?! Especially as the person who up until a week ago would sneer at "people who are stupid about their animals".

I love my chickens.

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