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Anyone else keep a blog?

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BroodyChook · 19/06/2009 10:08

I've checked with MNHQ, and they said it's ok for me to share mine with fellow chicken lovers!

If you write one yourself, feel like sharing?

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MaryMotherOfGod · 19/06/2009 19:02

this is great!

BroodyChook · 19/06/2009 21:21

Aw, thanks Mary

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bramblebooks · 19/06/2009 21:25


bramblebooks · 19/06/2009 21:25

... you should contact country living and write a regular bit for them.

BroodyChook · 19/06/2009 21:33

Oh no, it's just something I do for fun Thanks for your lovely comment, though

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