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12 eggs, 11 hatched, 10 survived so far....1 died overnight in intensive care

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meltedmarsbars · 15/06/2009 14:22

Makeshift ICU in a Macdonalds Happy Meal box on the back of the aga, with face flannel over and thermometer, but it had looked very shaky from the start. This morning the children made the coffin from lasagne box, to be filled with flowers after school and a hole dug near the fence.

They also requested "dying" music. I obliged with Mozart's Requiem Mass.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry!! Dd1 cried (aged 10).

Happily the rest are looking well so far. Oh the traumas of keeping pets and animals!

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bramblebooks · 15/06/2009 14:47

Aw bless em. Where are the piccies? Are they on omlet?

I have a moody broody who has nowgone into full sit. Oh the joys. Can't put eggs under her as we're off on our hols soon.

meltedmarsbars · 15/06/2009 14:56

Camera dead too so no pics - sorry.

In an adapted packing case until they're old enough to rejoin the others.
Mum is an Amber Link, chicks are Maran from a neighbouring farmer.

Have you tried chucking the broody off and wetting her to cool her down?

OP posts:
bramblebooks · 16/06/2009 16:14

I have been chucking her off for weeks! She's got worse, I've put a wrapped ice block under her to cool her off. We'll see!

bramblebooks · 16/06/2009 16:14

... and she's a speckledy = cuckoo maran hybrid. Beautiful eggs, when we get them!

meltedmarsbars · 16/06/2009 21:58

Update: still 10 alive!! One not quite as bright as the rest but may just be a bit younger.

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