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I am a good & dutiful mother <sigh> & I am ordering an Orange Eglu even tho' I really want a purple one

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KatyMac · 07/06/2009 14:23

Because DD wants orange

I nearly said the orange were out of stock.....but I chickened out (pun intentional)

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bramblebooks · 07/06/2009 19:21

OOOh a tangerine dream.

Meglet · 07/06/2009 19:27

orange is nice and sunny .

i don't have space for an Eglu but I just checked the website and am now drooling over the new guinea pig runs!

EccentricaGallumbits · 07/06/2009 19:28

i want a yellow one, but I think perhaps green would hide the chook poo better.

KatyMac · 08/06/2009 07:31

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KatyMac · 08/06/2009 21:15

I still haven't ordered it

I just can't make myself

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Podrick · 08/06/2009 21:31

they are lovely - but would they get stolen from a town garden?

Does anyone own one?

bodiddly · 08/06/2009 21:31

purple ... the chickens will blend in too easily with the orange - will that work to try and persuade dd?

KatyMac · 08/06/2009 21:55

Nah she's 11 & the chicken is black

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IcantbelieveImForty · 08/06/2009 22:12

purple - I bought mine 2nd hand (dd wanted a pink one) & it's very lovely.

bronze · 09/06/2009 15:58

I have purple but would love an orange one

crkm · 10/06/2009 20:19

I have a green one - it doesn't hide the poo!!!

Janus · 10/06/2009 21:01

Oh Katy, a mother's sacrifice!! You know I've just ordered the purple so I won't tell you how it looks when it finally arrives I promise. Just think what a good mother you are, I didn't even ask any of mine what they would like !

KatyMac · 10/06/2009 22:11

She has changed her mind

She wants purple - to match her uniform (that's for when she is working not her school uniform)

Phew.....anyone would think they were her chickens or something

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