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help me find a chock coup

4 replies

mummysaidno · 08/05/2009 15:27

I dont want to waste money, like the wooden ones on legs with a run, now thinking an egloo as it seems less hassle but I think they are very ugly. Ive been looking on ebay now really confused, also ex bats on normos? Do ex bats come with more problems?

OP posts:
ouchitreallyhurts · 09/05/2009 09:00

ours was from ebay - £123 in the end of the auction, as opposed to £400 at the local domestic fowl trust shop. Its small but my girls freerange all day so the size of the 'run' wasn't a consideration for me.

ex-bats don't come with more problems from what I've heard but I've not had personal experience - yet although I intend to get some when we move to somewhere with more land - we elected for non ex-bats because we were complete novices and I was worried I might mess up the poor ex-bats even more than their previous existance did but that's just me!

sometimes on freecycle you can get an old chickenrun but you'd need to give it a really good clean and buy some of the redmite disenfectant ( I think?)

acoady · 09/05/2009 09:07

We've got an eglu for our ducks and I think it's great. It's really easy to clean. I haven't had any experience of using another type of coop though, so they might be just as easy to clean!!

ouchitreallyhurts · 09/05/2009 09:10

our wooden ones ok to clean, you can remove the poop tray and perches but I think the eglu will always be an easier material to get properly clean as wood worries me that's its never 'quite' clean iyswim.
the eglu run is a good size too isn't it?

Nekabu · 09/05/2009 09:33

I inherited an old wooden coop which finally started to get a bit too rotten for use and replaced it with an Eglu cube. Love it! Cleaning is really easy and it's very secure - I did have rats chew into the old wooden one a couple of times. No biggy as I patched it but no need with an Eglu.

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