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My new chicken has flopped on the floor - she looks knackered & is breathing I off to the vets tomorrow?..

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KatyMac · 04/05/2009 10:29

Do vets even do chickens?

She is sort of fat & flat & fluffy

I am quite worried

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alicecrail · 04/05/2009 10:33

Erm, i think that birds like chickens don't get treated per se, they just make sure they haven't got anything that will harm the others iyswim? Could you perhaps ring the vets and see what they say over the phone?

KatyMac · 04/05/2009 10:34


What a shame

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bramblebooks · 04/05/2009 11:36

Yes vets do do chickens. There will be a local vet who specialises in poultry.

Please join the Omlet forum and ask on there, there is a section for poorly chickens. There's lots to read if you don't join (no fee).

Can you try syringing some water gently down her throat and put her separately from the others in a warm place (newspaper/straw catbox?). Check regularly and keep her fluids up.

Has she been wormed?

bramblebooks · 04/05/2009 11:38

try this area too. If you phone a local vet they will let you know which vets deal with chickens if they do not.

Good luck.

KatyMac · 04/05/2009 14:40

Thanks I'll have a look

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KatyMac · 04/05/2009 22:11

I think she will be off to the vet tomorrow

DH wouldn't let me bring her into the house because of DD's allergies & the cat (who already thinks of her as lunch)

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Aefondkiss · 04/05/2009 22:31

Katy we took one of our hens to our local vet, he was really happy to see a hen, it was a bit of a novelty. We got some anti-biotic for her, she recovered, cost £12 - well worth it imho - but our hens are like pets, some other chicken fanciers don't think it is worth it.

DD went too, and thought it was hilarious, seeing a vet sticking his finger up the hen's bum - not sure how hilarious the hen found that

I hope your hen is okay!

MarmadukeScarlet · 04/05/2009 22:42

Yup, I took mine to vets when they picked up a bug.

Oral antibiotics down 9 beaks twices a day, no fun I'm telling you! I got really good at it after a few days though.

Hope better soon.

KatyMac · 05/05/2009 11:59

She is being put down - the vet think dehydration & maybe kidney failure

OP posts:
bramblebooks · 05/05/2009 18:54

Really sorry to hear that Katy, but you did the right thing sparing her further suffering.

TrinityIsLovingHerLittleRhino · 05/05/2009 18:56

oh katymac
so sorry to hear this
but very well done for caring for her properly, you have stopped her suffering uneccessarily

KatyMac · 05/05/2009 19:53

It has galvanised us into action - we are buying a new run & a new coop - with my birthday money

So what do I buy?

OP posts:
TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 05/05/2009 20:19

chicken house porn I like this company because the run sizes can be up to 9ft or 15ft which is much more suitable for birds than a measly 6ft.

Sorry about your hen - how are the others? Are you new to chicken keeping?

KatyMac · 05/05/2009 21:00

I have a silkie & a Malaysian something or other (who is lovely)

I had one for about 2 yrs (she friend died & we struggled getting another 1 - but once we accepted we needed 2 we were fine)

I can't afford much my mum gave me £100 to buy new bras so that's gone & I can't afford much more

My DH is quite poorly so I need something fairly easy to move & clean

OP posts:
LilyBolero · 05/05/2009 22:15

sorry about your hen. I have a sick one atm, but our experience with vets is that they don't know anything about chickens. I tend to give them my own patent medicine of beef cat food, mashed up egg yolk (hard boiled) and poultry spice.

KatyMac · 06/05/2009 09:09

Dh is insistent that our chickens are veggie

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Aefondkiss · 06/05/2009 12:31

Hmm, then he wouldn't like to hear about the time my dh watched one of our hens chase, catch, then swallow a mouse whole?

...sorry about your hen too! Do you know anyone who is handy at d.i.y? my dh picked up wood at local recycling centre and made a very cute wee hen house on wheels for our four, slightly carnivorous hens... was very inexpensive.

KatyMac · 06/05/2009 13:10

We don't tell l him about t he worms/flies/bugs etc either

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