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My chickens won't return to their coop now

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karenchicks · 26/04/2009 08:38


I got 2 chickens a week ago. We got a new coop and kept them in it for 2 days. The next day (and since then) we let them out and with a little help they have returned to the coop at night.

Last night they started going crazy to escape from the garden, and wouldn't go into the coop at all. I checked it out and it is totally clean and there is nothing lurking inside so I'm not sure why they wouldn't go in.

Maybe they decided they had found somewhere better to live from letting them roam all day?

Do you think I should I leave them in the coop (which has its own run attached) for a few days to remind them where they live?

Also, as a new owner of chickens, are there any must have products I should be adding to their food? I give them water, layers pelletts and corn at the moment, but that's all I give them (and bits of lettuce/cucumber etc)

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
Hassled · 26/04/2009 08:48

I'm by no means any sort of expert, but you don't seem to be doing anything wrong - the food etc is all I give mine. Yes, keeping them in the coop/run for a day or so might make them realise where home is.

Was it still too light when you were trying to put them in? Mine just toddles in on her own when she's decided it's dark enough - which of course is getting later and later. But we just wait till she's in and then close the run/coop up. It could be the chickens thought it was still daytime.

karenchicks · 26/04/2009 09:08

No it was getting dark, and they were getting very loud and trying really hard to get through chicken wire (tryting to fly over and evey head butting it!)it was about 8.40ish. I might leave them in for a few days to be on the safe side

OP posts:
ouchitreallyhurts · 30/04/2009 08:55

Karenchicks, I was just wondering how your chickens are now?
I hope things have settled.

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