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Our first egg today!

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Cakehead · 26/03/2009 13:37

After six whole days of chicken-keeping, one of my three has laid her first small-but-perfectly-formed pretty little egg! So excited, but slightly disappointed I didn't discover it myself - at work today and our nanny took our toddler up for a peek and found it. She took it out and will replace it for when DD (3) comes back from playgroup. Can't wait to see it! Oh the excitement!

OP posts:
kidowner · 26/03/2009 23:23


I'll never forget my hen's very first warm egg, I was so excited I ran up the garden path, I was 12.

And I'll never forget the horror when I presented a schoolfriend with one of 'my' precious eggs only to find it splattered outside on the pavement up the road.

I'm sure it was an accident, but I could not talk about it and never talked to her again.

Mine all had names, characters, and they were always remembered in birthday cards (when friends wrote to me they'd list my hens names too)

What fun!

And guess what, after a nasty visit from the fox a while ago, I'm updating the hen accommodation this w/end in order to take delivery of some rescued ex battery hens again!

Once I've put them on a detox diet they'll grow their feathers back, get some muscles and be able to have a dustbath for the first time.

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