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Oyster-grit - how much?

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Cakehead · 24/03/2009 13:20

First time chicken keeper here. Chooks arrived on Friday and are in an Eglu on our lawn. We'll let them out a bit once they've got used to us, so they will have a bit of free-ranging. How much Oyster-grit should I be adding to their food? Don't want to overload them but don't want them going short either... Thanks!

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 24/03/2009 20:16

If you're feeding them layers pellets, as supplied by Omlet, then technically, they don't really need extra grit (apparently).

If they will eventually free-range, they'll pick up extra grit (but not neccesarily calcium based) when they're scarifying your lawn raking about.

I use organic pellets and my three free-range but just for peace of mind, I scatter a few handfuls of grit inside their run every two or three weeks, so when they're scratting about in there before I let them out, they get the grit.

MarmadukeScarlet · 14/04/2009 22:01

I use a mix of grit (for digestion essential) and oyster shells for calcium (desirable for good egg production after 1 yr old iirc )

madlentileater · 15/04/2009 21:32

I give them egg shells.
Bake them in the oven and crumble them up really fine

sylvev · 18/04/2009 10:08

Hi, our hens free range every day, but still help themselves to some oyster grit every now and then. We just put some in a small dish attached to the side of the food run, next to their feeders. Seems to work well.

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