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Is my hen stupid or what?

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mrsjoshholloway · 23/03/2009 16:05

One of my bantams has been laying since December fairly well and we usually get 3-4 eggs a week from her. In the past 2 weeks though we are finding her eggs under the perches in the shed rather than in the nest box First of all I thought oh well maybe she was caught short but we've had 3 or 4 like this now.

How on earth can I convince her to lay in the nest again?

Ta muchly

OP posts:
tomanykidstoname · 23/03/2009 16:50

i have one that has taken to just laying on my flower bed in the garden lol i rang the breeder to ask if there was anything i was doing wrong too be told they have one who sneaks into their shop too lay hers under the till so it was just the way she was gonna be

mistlethrush · 23/03/2009 17:12

We had one who would sometimes lay in the manger of the stallion next door in the stud...

mrsjoshholloway · 23/03/2009 19:05

Oh Jeez, sounds like we are getting off lightly. Will leave her to her eccentricities

OP posts:
duchesse · 23/03/2009 19:18

Erm, yes, they have brains the size of peas and don't use most of it. Lovely creatures they are, but don't keep them for their intellect... Was just explaining to my lovely neighbour the crass stupidity of one of my hens.

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