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Have you got a GREEN Eglu? I have a CUBE & thinking about down-grading but not sure.

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Doodle2U · 29/01/2009 10:06

This is just an idea. I'm not totally sure I want to do it, so I'm just testing the water.

We bought our green CUBE last May. We have three chickens and an indea to get two more (bantams) but I know I don't want any more than that.

The CUBE is fab. I love it, love it, love it BUT, it's too big for our run and I can't help thinking a normal Omlet Eglu would:-

a) Fit the run better

b) Suit the chickens better because they'll be able to keep each other warm, get in and out easier etc.

SOOOOOOOoooo.....what if I swapped my CUBE with somebody who wants to upgrade from an EGLU (must be green!).

CUBE's currently cost £583 and Eglu's cost £333, so if I offered my CUBE to someone for the difference - (£250) that should mean they get full price for a second hand Eglu and I don't lose any money on the Cube.

Would this work? Do those figures add up? Tell me why this wouldn't work?

Incidentally, if I go ahead with this, I'd offer it to a Mumsnetter before I went else where (Omlet website).

OP posts:
bronze · 29/01/2009 17:33

omlet have currently got a deal on a batch of shiny green eglus just in case you have no takers

"We have made a small batch of eglu's which have come out of the mould with a slightly shiny surface finish rather than the normal matte finish. They look really good but slightly different than normal. So, if anyone would like to buy one with a 10% discount off the normal price...

A normal new eglu costs £333.00 + delivery.
A shiny new green eglu would be £299.00 + delivery.

They are brand new and come with everything you expect from an eglu - including feeders, drinkers, shade and run. You can get it via courier or if you are in our delivery area - with chickens. However, they are only in green and numbers are limited. If you would one please call us on 0845 450 2056 and ask for a "shiny green eglu" "

Doodle2U · 29/01/2009 18:16

Aaaaggghhh - you've given me options Bronze! I'm crap when I have options! What to do, what to do!?

Thanks for the info though. I wonder why shiny ones would be so much lower in price? I'd have just sold them as an alternative at full price! Surely if they are shiny, chicken much etc is easier to clean off!

I'll go on Omlet and have a look around.

OP posts:
bramblebooks · 29/01/2009 20:30

Oh carp doodle, that is too tempting. Just got my green eglu and already admiring cubes!!

Step away from the thread ...

twosplenty · 22/01/2010 15:07

Did you post on the 19th. If so didn't you say that you weren't letting go of your run?
My only thought is that we'd still in the end have paid full price for a second hand cube. We've got a green eglu and are considering upgrading but we've also got an extension on our run.

sarah293 · 22/01/2010 15:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

twosplenty · 22/01/2010 15:10

Just realised i'm in wrong year and wrong part of month, how tired am i! Where has that person gone who wanted to sell there cube from stockport?

Doodlez · 24/01/2010 00:21

Ha! That was me and I started this thread LAST year but only got around to doing owt about it THIS year!

Anyway, where's me ruddy thread gone, offering my Cube????!!!! MNHQ must have whipped it but I don't know why - it was very polite!

Anyway, I've now got an Eglu which I am delighted with and I'm in the process of selling my Cube via the Omlet website if you're interested.

The run is totally different from the the Eglu run.

This Cube I'm selling minus it's run would be best for someone who has or who is planning a walk-in-run and just want's the housing element of the product.

Doodlez · 28/01/2010 16:48


Kathryn135 · 31/07/2010 12:03

I have an eglu Go - Green - Brand new.

However, I now want to upgrade to a cube!!

Anyone out there interested in a swap and I will pay the difference?

Call/ text me on 07824 624 087

pumkinsmummy · 25/10/2010 13:27

Hi there, I am considering purchasing a cube but I really cannot afford new. Anyone got any suggestions other than e-bay or the omlet site - Thanknyou

saltyseadog · 25/10/2010 22:48

Have you looked at the Omlet forum pumpkinsmummy? There's a secondhand section there, worth a wanted post.

Also search on gumtree. I saw a BARGAINOUS one on at £400 once.

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