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garlic powder

4 replies

crkm · 19/12/2008 17:03

just got some of this as it was recommended to me, but the instructions say to give two scoops per horse!! how do you translate that to giving to three chickens?

any one else use it?

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reindeersnake · 19/12/2008 20:54

Fascinated! What is it recommended for?

crkm · 19/12/2008 21:51

stops the poo smelling - sorry i mean 'neutralises droppings'!

OP posts:
reindeersnake · 20/12/2008 03:32

But wouldn't it then smell of garlic?

crkm · 20/12/2008 13:38

just opened the tub today and the whole house smells of garlic!! i wonder if it taints the eggs.........

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