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Foxes and neighbourhood cats - advice please

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hippipotami · 18/11/2008 10:34

I have been dreaming of keeping chickens for a while now.
We have a long narrow garden, the best spot for the chickens is at the back, but I won't be able to see them from the house.
We have a lot of neighbourhood cats, and there are foxes in our garden at night (they actually have a burrow in the garden two doors down) But of course the chickens will be locked in their coop at night.
My questions are:

Will the neighbourhood cats be out to get the chickens?

Will the foxes come into the garden to get the chickens during the day?

When I am home, but not in the garden, can the chickens be out in the garden or do they need to be in a safe 'run' type thing (with wire on all sides to stop cats jumping in)

And finally, is it better to have an enclosed run for when you are not in the garden and then let them have free access to the whole garden when I am out there, OR is it better to let them have a large fully enclosed area (enclosed at the top as well) and keep the rest of the garden chicken free?

Sorry if these questions don't make sense, am a bit fluey and not quite coherent

OP posts:
hippipotami · 18/11/2008 16:29

bumping for myself - come on, you are not all out in the garden with your chickens are you??

OP posts:
madlentileater · 18/11/2008 22:42

cats not a problem ime, foxes are.
our chickens are in a run all day- they WILL wreck your garden otherwise...and your neighbours', too, if they can!
we haven't had a problem with foxes during the day, I know some people do, in which case you'd have to keep them in a totally enclosed run all the time. We just shut the coop when it gets dark, this is sufficient round here.
If you are actually in the garden, you could let them free range, foxes unlikely to come then, also you can chase them off your flowers and veg!

hippipotami · 19/11/2008 09:33

Thank you

I guess I won't know how big a problem the foxes will be until I get the chickens.

We definately have them at night, we have seen them, as have our neighbours.

Right, so a large run is the order of the day, will see what dh can come up with

OP posts:
crkm · 19/11/2008 20:36

we have had a fox in the garden in the daytime. Have not seen it in the garden for a while but have seen it in the street.
my girls are only in the garden when i am at home but i dont stay outside with them. If i cant see them i just open the door and they come running!
Have not had any cat except our own in the garden since we got the girls - am not sure why as we used to get loads. however they can stand up to my cat and he leaves them alone.
I put them in their run before it gets dark and then shut the coop door when i go to bed.
one of the girls has been seen trying to get over the fence to the neighbours garden so i will have to keep an eye on her. she has been standing on the bird bath and stretching up. dont think they will appreciate having their garden destroyed like the girls have done to mine

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