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my chicken ate a spider

6 replies

giraffescantdancethetango · 13/09/2008 15:09

greedy pig, its not like i dont feed him


OP posts:
Threadwworm · 13/09/2008 15:12

Be grateful it wasn't the other way around.

DaisySteiner · 15/09/2008 23:03

Found one of ours eating a frog the other day

harpomarx · 15/09/2008 23:04

it will jump out at you when you crack open your freshly laid boiled egg one day.

ipodtherforipoor · 15/09/2008 23:06

harpo - I have always struggled with eating egss, due to issues with chickens bottoms, and now you have to say that!

harpomarx · 15/09/2008 23:07
DaisySteiner · 16/09/2008 08:11

As long as that doesn't happen while my friend with a frog-phobia (yes, really) is here!

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