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I'm really sorry for starting another thread but how do youstop chickens pecking eachother?

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ladytophamhatt · 26/08/2008 19:43

Following on from my bald bums/worming thread I managed to catch and inspect each chicken today and it looks like it is feather pecking.

I've taken some photos that I'll download later but all the feathers that grow up their tails (god, I need to learn chicken anatomy) are clearly tatty through pecking.....
They have beak sized chunks missing from the feathers so it has to be that.

What can I do to stop it?

They are free range for most of the day and have a reasonably large run(more than enough space for 8 chooks according to teh Omlet site)

Any ideas very welcome....and apologies again fro yet another thread.

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GentleOtter · 26/08/2008 19:59

They could be pecking each other due to the blood from moulting.
Stockholm tar springs to mind but may be a bit old fashioned nowadays.

I have lots of bare bummed chickens too but it seems to be some of the newest chicks. They have been deloused and wormed but are distinctly devoid of feather.

BloodySmartarse · 30/08/2008 16:27

sorry lth, didnt see this till now.
uou can get purple spray from scats or whatever, its antiseptic as well as disguises any visible blood... if chickens see any blood they'll keep pecking at it [gross]

Madlentileater · 30/08/2008 17:05

also, there is anti peck spray, you can get it in pet shops, makes them taste horrid, this has worked for us.

ladytophamhatt · 06/09/2008 07:31

I mangaed to get some spray yesterday. Pine tar spary or something.

The farmer said to spary them all except the main pecker which was a mission and a half it has to be said.

Henny Penny, who was once the hen in charge of the whole posse has been pecked to oblivion!
From her boney chest to her fluffy bum was almost completely bald. She looks moth eatan TBH.

Anyway, I would like my fluffy bummed chickens back so hopefully this'll work.

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