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Pictures of Doodle's new run on profile.

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Doodle2U · 04/08/2008 21:07

Well, obviously not MY new run but the one we've just finished for the girls. See my profile.

Posted a thread a few weeks ago, explaining that it is basically a dog pound that we've converted into a walk-in run. Total cost of run, slabs and easi-bed = £sub 200.

Had to lose the ladder from the Cube front because it just wasn't working, so have made plant pot steps which Nora has sussed already but the other two gormless eegits will probably have to be shown later tonight!

OP posts:
twoGsinBuggerOff · 04/08/2008 22:05

oh doodle thats cool as!

tell me more about this dog pound....

Doodle2U · 04/08/2008 22:27

see here 2Gees!

OP posts:
twoGsinBuggerOff · 04/08/2008 22:40

v cool doodle.
have just been browsing the modular dog run panels etc on there... its prob the way i'll go if i need to build a secure run.

so far, despite being v rural and regularly seeing foxes in our field just metres from the chickens garden, we've had no bother at all... mind you, its summer and theres tons of rabbits out there for them... maybe i should be thinking of more security for winter...

Doodle2U · 04/08/2008 22:47

Sorry - price adjustment - just re-did the accounts on this roject and it's come in at just shy of £300.

Right 2Gees, I'm no expert but from what I can gather, if a fox wants in, it'll get in! The securer you can make them, the better but even then, nothing is 100% against foxes, minks and other creatures.

We went down the dog pound route based on price, ease of erection (there's summat that doesn't read right!) and the fact that DH's grand plan was, quite frankly, shite!

OP posts:
twoGsinBuggerOff · 04/08/2008 22:59


i am liking the dog pound route muchly. most esp for an urbanish garden. not sure how to make it work here (would prob want to mount the house outside of it, but how hard can it be to cut the fence and attach the gap to the house?)
am frankly going a bit insane with all the choice tbh. decisions are not my strong point it would seem. [sigh]

Doodle2U · 04/08/2008 23:27

Hmmm, well I would have liked to have done that too and since the Cube doesn't fit very well in the pound (took ladder off and replaced with plant pots), I would say a connecting Eglu run method would be better.

That said, you have to pull the galvanized steel mesh quite tightly around the frame, so I'm wondering if cutting a hole in it to fit the Eglu would interfer with the integrity of the structure!

I did come across a site which will custom-make runs and they included pictures of integrated Eglus. Hang on a minute and I'll see if I can find it again.

OP posts:
Doodle2U · 04/08/2008 23:29


OP posts:
twoGsinBuggerOff · 05/08/2008 00:23

hmmm, thats v interesting actually. they do a weldmesh 'skirt' to the run too if you want it (i would). thanks doods

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