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How many in this space?

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Berrie · 29/07/2008 11:40

Our run is 2m by 4m and there is a 2x1m house within that reducing run to 6m2. The perch is 2m long and there are 3 nest boxes.

We currently have 4 hens in there but as I have a broody we'd like to hatch some eggs.

How many birds would fit comfortably in this space and if I buy fertile eggs from ebay how many would you expect to hatch?

Hope someone can help!

OP posts:
electricbarbarella · 29/07/2008 12:20

Well my run is 3m by 1m20cm. and I have 6 hens in there, they are very happy.

Berrie · 29/07/2008 13:45

Thanks for that!

OP posts:
tortoiseSHELL · 29/07/2008 23:58

Our runs are 9ftx3ft, with a 3x3 ft house on the end, we have 3 in each.

Doodle2U · 30/07/2008 11:29

Our run (when finished) will be 10ft by 4ft and will have the current 3 birds plus 2 bantam Silkies in it - but I'm just showing off

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