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Beware of the Killer chickens......poo role' DS2!!!

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ladytophamhatt · 19/07/2008 20:12

Pick up mabel, one of the chook and she pecked him....

in the eye !!!!!!!!!

Right in the corner, over the tear duct and on his eyeball.


3 hours at A&E to check hsi eye isn't damaged, ist not but he came home with drops to stop any infection.

When I called NHS direct I said "I can guarantee youwill have never have had someone call with this before.....

I was right

OP posts:
Ready4anotherCoffee · 20/07/2008 01:42

coq au vin?

Roast chicken?

BetteNoire · 20/07/2008 01:52

I have just spent ages trying to work out what 'poo role DS2' meant.

Poor little fella - I bet that was very painful.

To the naughty roost for Mabel?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 20/07/2008 09:20

Poo role DS2 indeed! That must have stung. I hope his eye is OK. What does he think of chickens now?

My most scabby and revolting hen is trying to go broody and she's so vicious I have to lever her out of the nest by using a pitchfork! I'm not putting my hands anyway near her, and certainly not my eyes!!!

ladytophamhatt · 20/07/2008 16:29

he said if he picks one again he'll wear sunglasses

His eye is better today, not so swollen but still bloodshot.

OP posts:
WelliesAndPyjamas · 20/07/2008 16:31

poor thing

glad he's better today

electricbarbarella · 21/07/2008 07:58

bet she's not your favourite anymore, poor ds how painful.

Flamesparrow · 21/07/2008 08:03


Amphibimum's chook tried to make Flameboy a Flamegirl the other day - I am now thinking he got a better deal than yours did!!!

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