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have been given eggs from friends chickens, how long can I keep them for?

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bluesky · 07/07/2008 17:52

title says it all really, but I thought you chick ladies would know.

I've got 3 boxes of them (!) so wondered how long I can keep them in the fridge.


OP posts:
clumsymum · 07/07/2008 18:01

Oh at least a couple of weeks. We get some every time we go to my sisters, and we keedp them for that long at room temp.

I'd make sure they are well washed, mind you.

They will be much better if eaten/used fresh too, so have boiled chuckle eggs, make cakes/custard etc sooner rather than later to really benefit.

ButterflyBessie · 07/07/2008 19:10

Don't store them in the fridge, someone else will be able to tell you why, I can't remember

Look at the eggs in the supermarket, they aren't in the fridge

bluesky · 07/07/2008 20:57

thanks. You're right, they're not in the fridge in supermarkets so why do we automatically unpack our shopping and put them in the fridge (or is that just me then?!)

OP posts:
MaloryIsCrossWithJohnnie · 07/07/2008 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoiseSHELL · 07/07/2008 21:52

3 weeks I would say.

Don't wash them - there is something that happens to the shell when they are washed that can let bacteria in. Something to do with the relative temp of water and egg.

DaisySteiner · 11/07/2008 10:15

According to the Food Standards Agency eggs should actually be kept in the fridge. The reason they're not kept in the fridge in supermarkets is that fluctuations of temperature and humidity when you take them out and cart them home can cause bacteria to be drawn through the pores into the egg. They do keep much longer in the fridge than at room temperature.

Some people say you should get them back to room temperature before baking but I never bother and my cakes turn out fine.

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