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Day 20 in the incubator - pipped but no hatching yet

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DaisySteiner · 05/07/2008 21:32

Noticed the eggs had pipped this morning at about 11am but very little has happened since - I can hear cheeping but I'm worried they're stuck Humidity is registering 60-70% (depending on which hygrometer you look at)

Should I leave them alone or intervene? If so, how?!! Aargh, I'm supposed to be a doula and all calm and relaxed around births but I'm a blardy nervous wreck

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TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 06/07/2008 10:00

Give them at least 24 hours but as long as 48 hours before you intervene. Humidity level is good so the shells shouldn't be too hard. Some chicks take 2 days to hatch, others are pipped and out in an hour! If their beaks are out they'll be fine - chicks don't need to eat or drink for a couple of days as they're absorbing the yolk (like colostrum)!

If you intervene, pick away at the shell very carefully as chicks often have feathers/skin dried onto the egg membranes and you'll skin them if you pull the shell off to fast.

Good luck!

DaisySteiner · 06/07/2008 11:08

Thanks! Panic over now as 6 chicks have completely hatched and I suspect the remaining egg probably won't do anything now. I'm leaving them in the incubator to dry off while I have another panic about what to use as a brooder/heat lamp etc!

They're all stumbling around bumping into each other and ds2 thinks they're playing football with the remaining egg

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Amphibimum · 06/07/2008 11:09

i want chicks!

DaisySteiner · 06/07/2008 12:32

One looks like Norman Lamont, lol. It has two downy bits of black fluff which look just like eyebrows!

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handlemecarefully · 06/07/2008 12:45

How many chicks did you get and what type are they?

Mine are 4 weeks old now and huge!

DaisySteiner · 06/07/2008 17:39

We originally had 6 Araucana eggs and 6 Goldline/Maran crosses to put in, but dh ate 4 of the Araucana eggs before I'd put them in So in the end we put 2 Araucanas in and 6 of the others. One of the Araucanas went really stinky and horrible and of the remaining seven 6 have hatched out.

I think the black bits on some of them must be the Maran influence!

We raised ducklings from 1 day olds a while ago and I just can't get over how quickly baby birds grow

I'd really like to immediately start off another lot (it's kind of addictive!) but if I do we'll be away when they hatch out which would be a shame!

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