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Egg or incubator problem?

6 replies

NutterlyUts · 27/06/2008 00:58

I candled mine on day 3 and am glad i did, as i've had to chuck 8/12 due to looking like this in various degrees of severity. The 4 i've kept (for now) have a few pores, but I've taken then chance with them to see (depending on what day 5/6/7 looks like, I may get rid) but I wanted to see if anyone knows if its an egg or incubator problem. Google has failed me.

OP posts:
Callisto · 27/06/2008 09:37

These are exactly like the Ebay eggs I recieved - the seller (Sycamore Farms for those of you who missed my 'outing' rant) assured me that she was getting 90% hatching from eggs just like it. Rubbish of course, eggs with porous shells don't develop into chickens.

As far as I know it is a chicken problem - maybe not enough calcium in the diet? Try baked and crushed up eggshell plus plenty of greens if they don't already have this in their diet. I would also candle the eggs before you put them in to make sure the shells are as solid as possible. Any that are too porous don't bother putting in the incubator.

NutterlyUts · 27/06/2008 13:59

This is what I thought but a post on my other chicken site said eggs all look like that on day 3 BUT the candling sites I found with day 3 pics didn't have any like that, so I'm now confused!

I didn't think it was an incubator problem, but being that it was my first attempt I wanted to just check it wasn't a problem with humidity/temp first

I think I'll end up replacing these eggs but we'll see in 3 days time

OP posts:
objectivity · 27/06/2008 14:01

I'm not sure why you chucked. I've had eggs like this that have hatched. How was the embryo looking?I never chuck before day 7.

objectivity · 27/06/2008 14:02

God my post sounds smart arsey, sorry.

I suggest waiting til you can see red veiny bits.

Callisto · 27/06/2008 14:17

Agree with Objectivity - leave them at least 6-7 days. If you can't see veins developing then chuck them. Having said that, you can often see veins at 3/4 days and by 7 days the chicks eye (a black spot that should move around).

MehgaLegs · 27/06/2008 14:19

Day 3 is early. I usually candle on day 8 and even then there are always a couple I am unsure about.

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