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What do you put on the base of your run?

alibubbles · 16/06/2008 10:50

Hi chicken owners,

I have an eglu CUBE ion order, with the run at the moment but aI am thinking of not having the run and putting the cube in a this (with the wire mesh fox proof skirt) as we have lots of resident foxes.or this one pen,

What would you put the pen on? Is it ok to put it straight down on the grass and use hemcore or easibed or aubiose, or do I really need to have a base of slabs or concrete?

They will get to free range as well when I am around.

All advice gratefully received!

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WelliesAndPyjamas · 16/06/2008 10:53

If you put it on grass then you could move it around your garden if you have the space thus giving them fresh areas to use.

Or if you put it on concrete it is easy to wash out.

Either way it would need to be easy to move.

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