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Aaargh!! Bloody chicken mites...!

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duchesse · 13/06/2008 23:32

Sorry for the surfeit of exclamation marks but really.... Every time I go to shut the chickens up at night I pick up mites, and they itch so much! I can't seem to beat the buggers, despite running a weed wand over every crevice of the coops every time I clean it out, dusting everything liberally with mite powder, and spraying the perches. I dust the chickens, rub tea tree oil and vaseline into their legs and generally cosset them, and still they shower me with mites every evening. And they bloody well bite!

What else can I do, short of burning down the coops, which is my friend's solution?

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 13/06/2008 23:44

Not something I have experienced so no practical advice I am afraid. Have you tried looking up 'mites' on the Practical Poultry Forum?

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