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Ok, Ithink I have made a decision.

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electricbarbarella · 01/06/2008 09:29

If I get one of the little eglu's with 2 chickens and let them free range in the day will they compketly wreck the garden?
Do you think the little eglu's are ok for 2 chickens, and do you think 2 chickens will give neough eggs for family of 4?
I know that the wooden hutchs are a lot cheaper but the eglu does look so easy to care for.

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electricbarbarella · 01/06/2008 10:13

Have changed my mind again already, i think I should just order something, I think the big EGLU cube now, I know it is really expensive but I like the look of how easy it is.
Wopuld you say 4 chooks would be the right amount, they recommend it for 6 but I think they are over stating.

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ladytophamhatt · 01/06/2008 10:18

We've just got a Cube with a 3 metre run extention and have 8 chiken in there.

There is tons of room inside teh cube, so 4 will rattle about in there IMO.

When I wentto check tehy were all indoors last night, they were all bundled up inside teh nesting box.

electricbarbarella · 01/06/2008 10:48

Ok that enough, I am going to order it now!!!!!!!!!!

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electricbarbarella · 01/06/2008 10:49

Oh how long did yours take to come?

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ladytophamhatt · 01/06/2008 11:20

about 3-4 weeks.

ladytophamhatt · 01/06/2008 11:21

what colour are you getting?

Ours is orange

Simply · 01/06/2008 11:50

My neighbours (2 adults and 2 children) have 3 chickens and can't keep up with the eggs so they keep bringing us half a dozen eggs. I hope that helps with regard to chicken numbers and supplies of eggs. I used to have chickens and enjoyed having them, I must say.

electricbarbarella · 01/06/2008 11:53

I got orange too, That bit took me nearly as long, I can't believe I have just spent that amount of money, oh well i have hopefully sold my double pram so that should help.
i woukld be so giddy if dd wasn't being a little beep beep.

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alibubbles · 01/06/2008 14:57

I have a pink one coming on the 16th June, DH bought it for me 2 years ago, but we had all the chicken flu thing, so put it off.

I am really excited and I am sure my minded children will love it.

I am getting the gardener to dig out and log roll edge a huge rectangle and fill it with bark chip. I will free range them most of the day though.

I am going on a chicken keeping course next saturday.

electricbarbarella · 02/06/2008 07:42

3 to 4 weeks on the website it said within 7 days, I can't wait that long for my lovely chooks.
Ali that sounds cool, I would have gone for pink but we already have a pink little tykes house and I think the coop as well maybe to princessy.

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alibubbles · 02/06/2008 09:09

I think they have been inundated with orders, there was an article in the sunday times, I think they have sold 25000!!

They did an exhibition in May, so probably swamped with orders from that. I ordered mine on the 20th May, and I am not too far from Oxford, but that is the next available delivery slot. - Can't wait either!

Apparently if you order without chickens it is quicker, but you have to out it together yourself, as my friend got hers in a week.

electricbarbarella · 02/06/2008 09:28

I am not having the chickens so hopefully a bit quicker.

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electricbarbarella · 02/06/2008 15:34

Just got off the phone to omlet, will be coming on the 11th July. I can't wait, I may wait until after my holiday to get the chooks then as we are on holiday for the first week of august.

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mel2005 · 02/06/2008 16:11

i have a cube and built my own run. they are fantastic you will not regret it and they have a fantastic resale value on e-bay.
i think chicken keeping has really taken off, i can understand why. chooks are great pets and its great to get fresh eggs and you know the birds are happy and what they have been eating.
i have seven chooks and get between four and six eggs a day which is plenty for our family of four. you will eat alot more eggs when you have your own hens. i must say our marans lay the biggest chocolate coloured eggs i have ever seen!!! they are huge!!!!. we also have cream legbars that lay blue eggs which are lovely. you could get some chooks on order for when your cube arrives.

electricbarbarella · 02/06/2008 16:36

There is a poultry farm quite near here that always has plenty of selection at POL apparently. We went to visit the other week, I am so excited, i hope I can manage to stay this excited for another month. We will have to eat a lot more eggs to cover the cost of the coop and hopefully save us a bit on the shopping (may take about 10 years).

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mel2005 · 02/06/2008 19:21

i used to spend £6+ a week on eggs, so not including the cost of chicken food and hemcore it would take almost 67 weeks to make the £400 for my cube (recon one without the run). i spend on average £11 a month on feed, hemcore etc. taking into account the cost of food etc. i calculate it will pay for itself in 30 months 2.5 yrs. then there was the cost of the chooks to start with, three were rehomed for free and the others were £10 each. so that would be an extra 7 weeks almost. so about 2yrs 8ish months. i have had it over 8 months already, so 2 years to go. and when i sell it it will still be worth a decent amount.
i have baby brain at the moment and have probably calculated it all wrong and its probably 8 years, but it sounds good at the moment.
actually thinking about it i probably spent more than £6 a week on eggs with the trips on a sunday to the local shops for emergency eggs for the yorkshire batter after we ate the eggs for breakfast. oh and all the baking i do as well. it could be as much as £9 -£10 a week . so the cube was even more of a bargain.

electricbarbarella · 03/06/2008 08:34

i think I will probably eat so many eggs thatit won't actually matter, how many eggs are dc supposed to eat a week, mine love them but at the moment we get through about a dozen between us, I am guessing we will up this somewhat as I love eggs.
I am so excited i can't believe i have to wait a month and then nearly another month until i get my chooks.
I think i will know everything there is to know about them before they come.

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