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We'll have 6 chickens in a 4metre run/coop that classed as free range?

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ladytophamhatt · 24/05/2008 22:09

Notice I say "we'll have", it all happens next week...
we're new at this....

OP posts:
TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 24/05/2008 23:22

I consider free-range to mean they have the run of the whole garden and beyond.

EU regulations however state that the minimum run space required is 1 hen per 4m sq'd. So that would also be a no. It also has to be on vegetation/grass/woodland. Any sort of hard floor doesn't count either. 6 hens will scratch any grass in a 4m run to dirt in a matter of days - are you going to move it about or are they on slabs/straw?

You can always let them out of the pen for an hour or so when you're out in the garden to keep an eye on them. You can easily lure them back into their pen using boiled rice/cooked pasta or sweetcorn. Don't do it as soon as they arrive though, they need to know where 'home' is.

Have fun with them!

ladytophamhatt · 25/05/2008 07:23

the run/coop is on slabs with wood/bark chipping that the farm we're getting them from supplies.
It's a great big heaving mass of heaven knows what....when you stick the shovell in its almost comes alive with bugs and stuff.

The run will be at the end of the garden which we're going to fence off so they can explore a wider'll also keep the boys fenced in because its where al their stuff is too

OP posts:
TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 25/05/2008 09:37

So you'll have a 'heaving mass' of happy chickens as well. When ours are out of the pen they make a bee-line for the compost heap (or Worm Mountain as the DCs refer to it).

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