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new to chicken keeping... help please

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MrsOnTheMove · 16/05/2008 21:08

We've had our chickens a week now, they are putting themselves in the house at night but only 1 of the 3 roosts. The other 2 snuggle up in the nest box Do I need to lift them out and put them on the perch? Am worried that they've not got enough room on there? also don't seem to be eating much, other than the garden have been giving pellets and then corn later in day - they don't seem too fussed?

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tortoiseSHELL · 16/05/2008 21:10

The only reason you might want to keep them out of the nest box is because if they poo in it, the eggs will get pooey. If you want to shut off the nest box at night, that might encourage them to roost. Having said that, 2 or 3 of mine roost, the speckeldy never does - I think because she is quite heavy!

If they look healthy, they're probably eating enough!

MrsOnTheMove · 16/05/2008 21:12

thanks tortoiseshell,

though the fact that they come pecking at the Kitchen door at dusk started to worry me, I thought they were looking for supper

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