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Incubator is set up, eggs here tomorrow and then we are away!

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MehgaLegs · 27/03/2008 13:33

My spare room now has the proporagtor for my toms and the incubator all set up - hope we don't have any unexpected visitors needing a bed.

My sasso eggs should be here tomorrow. Will put incubator on in morning and then hopefully fill with eggs on Sat.

My broody hen is still sitting on her 6 eggs so if they fail I hope she can have a couple of Sasso chicks from the incubator to mother.

OP posts:
PrincessPeaHead · 27/03/2008 13:41

so exciting.
I shall be firing up the incy on Sat as well - but with quails. We can bite our nails together

ska · 27/03/2008 14:57

oh lucky you. i keep trying not to tell dd about the duck eggs.

tortoiseSHELL · 27/03/2008 15:35

ooh, exciting!

MehgaLegs · 27/03/2008 15:52

PPH - I was surprised to see that quail eggs take 23 days. I'd assumed they would take less time.

I'd love some quail - I'm sure there is a market for quail eggs around here. All and sundry sell chicken and duck eggs at the gate around here but I hope to branch out into quail eggs and free range organic chicken.

OP posts:
PrincessPeaHead · 27/03/2008 16:46

ummmm - no they take 17 days for normal Japanese quail
I think the very big bobtail quail take more like 23 days but I don't want those...

I bet you could easily sell quail eggs to your local deli. In fact our very good local butcher sells duck and quail eggs, they seem to fly out of the shop

tortoiseSHELL · 27/03/2008 17:16

Oh yes I bet you could sell quail eggs, certainly could in our area!

marmadukescarlet · 27/03/2008 17:39

Ok, so having realised I have the right kit (heat lamps, ventilated vivarium etc)for young chicks I am considering giving in to the DC's demands. (Although they would dearly love eggs, we have no incubator and no desire for cockerels)

Is it easier to introduce young chickens into an existing few in a coop? Or is it better if I introduce older hens?

(Am getting some ex free ranger's 1 yr old and was going to put them same day in with some POL hybrids - heritages, marrans etc - I have ordered. Obviously the young chicks cannot go out until bigger, I didn't mean straight away.

MehgaLegs · 27/03/2008 17:42

Ah..PPH - that must be it, I thought it was strange. It's an American incy so has US breeds in the booklet.

OP posts:
ska · 27/03/2008 19:40

if you produce eggs to sell do you have to meet defra standards - does anybody know? i was wondering baout getting more hens and selling the eggs (but it couldn't be commercial level tbh). How many quails eggs make it viable for you? am also interested in rearing chicks and selling them on given the amount of interest these days.
and MDS - where did you order your new pol from?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 29/03/2008 20:46

Mehga - incubator and broody hen. You bloody show-off!!

PPH - how are chicks doing and are the quail eggs in on schedule!?

Marmaduke - it depends on how accommodating your existing flock is. Do you have a 'head girl' instead of a cockerel, she'll probably spend a few days bullying new hens, young or old. They should soon settle down again, just keep an eye out for too much pecking damage.

It helps to introduce new hens at night, they acclimatize to the smell better... or something like that! Certainly they should all be calmer, I usually put new hens to bed in a cardboard box of straw and then put the whole box in the henhouse with the lid open so they can either stay in the box or get out and perch. And let them out at first light so they have plenty of space.

DragonPeaHead · 29/03/2008 21:52

chicks are sweet and have increased in size about 3 fold in a week!
quail were plopped in the incy yesterday. Due to hatch on April 14... put it in your diary lol

MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 13:53

OOh that's the day before my Dorkings PPH. My sasso eggs have not arrived there has been an increase and demand but should be here by end of the week.

Lulu is being a very good broody although it seems to be taking for ever. I can't wait to candle the Dorking eggs but day 10 not until Fri.

OP posts:
MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 13:53

increase in demand not and

OP posts:
DragonPeaHead · 31/03/2008 14:38

you aren't buying your eggs off ebay are you?

MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 14:43

No, from a company called Smart Chicks who specialise in Sassos.

OP posts:
DragonPeaHead · 31/03/2008 14:46

Oh good

MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 14:48

Oh tell us anyway. I did bid for some Indian Game eggs on ebay but they went for over £45 for half a dozen and I thought it too risky.

OP posts:
MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 14:48

Meaning I bid about £15 and then gave up.

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 31/03/2008 14:50

Oh man - I want chicks. I have a cockerel (only had him about 4 weeks) now,....just hope one of the girls goes broody soon.

DragonPeaHead · 31/03/2008 15:16

well apparently many of the egg sellers are v dodgy.
eggs either infertile, or old, or in many cases they are just breeding and inbreeding and inbreeding a limited number of hens and so they end up with genetic problems like fused toes etc (there are some lovely photos of really wierd chicks from ebay eggs on practical poultry if you want to look). Horrid!

Much better to join some of the forums of nutty poultry lovers and buy eggs off the old timers on there who breed for show etc etc. At least you know you are getting good fertile eggs from good breed stock etc.

MehgaLegs · 31/03/2008 15:49

Yes, have heard bad things about ebay eggs.

My Dorking eggs came from a Practical Poultry regular who also (unknown to me)is a good friend of a friend.

OP posts:
TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 01/04/2008 10:13

lol at dodgy eggs on ebay!

I am getting very impatient! Delivery of my new broody coop/youngsters run has been delayed for another week. And whilst I'm now sure the cock is treading the girls regularly (I can tell because the hens all have very muddy 'saddle' marks ) none of them are looking broody.

When the run arrives I'll put china eggs in with one or two hens and hope it gives them the hint.

MehgaLegs · 01/04/2008 17:31

Still no eggs - I am bored of waiting. Have emailed to see if a prob.

OP posts:
Madlentileater · 01/04/2008 17:37

please tell about dodgy ebay eggs- I have often looked at them- they all sound OK -am I terminally naive?

DragonPeaHead · 02/04/2008 23:57

norks golf balls work just as well if you have any lying around

madlentileater - you are terminally naive

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