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Dirty bottoms!

6 replies

Bobbiewickham · 23/03/2008 15:33

Do any of your chickens have mucky bums?

Is it normal? Should I be worried and do I have to do anything about it?

OP posts:
WelliesAndPyjamas · 23/03/2008 15:55

do all of them have dirty bottoms?

it could be because they have worms - do you treat them?

it could also be because of something they ate that gave them the runs

it could be because they have been sitting in a poopy nest

do they have somewhere they can take a dirt bath?

Mine have dirty chests today but that's only because mr cockerel has been shagging them in the mud!

Bobbiewickham · 23/03/2008 16:07

Yes,all of them; not hugely mucky, just dingleberries on the bum feathers, if you know what I mean.

We haven't treated them for worms yet - have never seen any evidence in the poo.

We clean them out regularly, so I don't think a pooey nest is the cause.

We feed them layers' pellets, so food shouldn't be a problem.

Maybe we should worm them. How do you do it?

OP posts:
Bobbiewickham · 23/03/2008 16:08

Oh, yes, they enjoy having dust baths!

OP posts:
WelliesAndPyjamas · 23/03/2008 16:17

am not in the UK so can't advise on brands or anything but your local pet/livestock/farm type of shop will be able to recommend something, or hopefully some other chicken-MNetter will be ablong after the easter lull to advise!

garlic is supposedly great for worm prevention - I feed them it often

GentleOtter · 23/03/2008 17:03

Flubenvet does for worming..

tortoiseSHELL · 23/03/2008 17:09

Yes, worm with flubenvet spring and autumn, give them a dust bath. If their poos are a bit splatty then lay off any treats. Keep an eye on their combs for colour (should be red if they're in lay).

Worming - you can either put it in with their food (following the measurements on the tin), or you can put a small amount on half a grape and give each chicken one individually. Think it's for 5 days. You can't overdose on flubenvet but if you do give them too much then you could lay off the eggs for a day or two. If you follow the amounts on the box the eggs should be fine.

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