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Nesting boxes separate to coop?

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SonicAllanKey · 02/01/2024 07:03

We have 6 hens and we have a coop that has roosts for sleeping and a corner separated off from the rest for nesting. But someone is sleeping in it. If tried moving her once it’s dark and blocking it off at sunset then uncovering in the morning but she persists in sleeping in there.

Im thinking about making a couple of separate nesting boxes in their large run but have no idea where to start. I know they need be covered, ideally raised to be rat proof, and with usual bedding in. But doesn anyone who’s done this have any other tips or pitfalls to avoid?

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ArchetypalBusyMum · 26/01/2024 00:01

My hens are free range and choose all kinds of places to lay their eggs not in the coop. They like out of sight places, don't seem to mind if it's off the ground or not, but definitely like to be visually discrete, always behind something!
I collect the eggs often do theft from other creatures like rats and magpies isn't such a problem.

Chasingsquirrels · 09/02/2024 09:06

We made this, but it is undercover so doesn't need to be fully waterproof.
It is some kind of particle board that DP had.
(The branches were just for hopping on, they soon got moved).

Mostly they all lay in the same box, even if they have to squeeze in at the same time 🤷‍♀️.

I just thought about it, sketched up the dimensions, and DP cut the wood. Took us about 3 hours to make it.

Nesting boxes separate to coop?
Nesting boxes separate to coop?
Nesting boxes separate to coop?
SonicAllanKey · 11/02/2024 06:37

That looks great @Chasingsquirrels thanks! I have an old wooden toy broken I am going to convert which will be undercover too. Your chooks look so cosy 🥰

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