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I seem to have acquired a fowl...

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ErrolTheDragon · 24/06/2023 19:54

A peahen has turned up, has been visiting a few neighbouring gardens but seems to be favouring mine now! (No kids, no cats and no dog nowadays, and an arbour which is a good perching spot).

This seems as though it may be the likeliest board for asking advice.

We're not sure where she's come from - there's a farm at the other end of the village which has a flock, and a largish house a couple of miles or so in the other direction also has some. Neither know if she's theirs but either would take her - if she could be caught. But she can so easily hop over a fence or up onto my arbour or a garage roof that is easier said than done.

She's not causing any problems that I'm aware of, and doesn't appear stressed , but I'm concerned that as they're a flocking bird she may not like being alone. That's one of the things I wanted to ask you fowl folk about.

The other is, while she's here is there anything food-wise which is a good or bad idea. I put out sunflower seeds and mealworms for the ground feeding birds, she's definitely eating some of the former.


I seem to have acquired a fowl...
I seem to have acquired a fowl...
OP posts:
Vitriolinsanity · 24/06/2023 22:06

I want one! Envy

Sorry, no actual advice.

PimpMyFridge · 26/06/2023 00:40

Can't imagine those foods would be a problem - they suit most birds. Unless she was eating loads, just cos too much of one thing is generally a bad idea for any food.
From what I know of peafowl a large net is usually needed to catch and relocate. Unless you can get her tame enough to tempt her into a some sort of mocked up enclosure and contain her for these folk to collect.
P.s beautiful garden you have!

PimpMyFridge · 26/06/2023 00:42

I wonder if you could entice her into the shed... Might take some time getting her used to being near you and being fed, then you could toss some in there and shut the door. 🤔

PimpMyFridge · 04/07/2023 22:02

Any update op?

ErrolTheDragon · 04/07/2023 23:11

She disappeared for several days, we feared the worse as we'd both noticed a cat balefully watching her on a couple of occasions. But she's turned up again - seems to have worked out that if I see her I'm likely to refill the seed bowl.

She had a lovely dust bath in one of my borders this afternoon, made quite a hollow.
I've no shed, but one of the neighbours is going to try to entice her into his garage. She's welcome to stay as far as I'm concerned but I worry about predation if she's on her own - we've got a cock pheasant who visits as well who lost a tail and gained a limp, presumably a near miss by a cat or fox.

OP posts:
baggiesmalls · 04/07/2023 23:18

They seem eother
A) incredibly stupid or
B) incredibly clever

We had a peacock - young - just starting to get his tail feathers

I also worried about predation and tried several time to catch him , lire him into the garage etc

He was having none of it

I moved hiouse and for ages he was a fb celeb. He's vanished now though and sadly I do think he's a gonner. There was a lady with a flock would have taken him - bit all of us neighbours tried to catch h him and he was either too clever
Or too stupid

Couldn't work out which

My ex used to have one as a pet and their feathers (make particularly) are cumbersome in high winds meaning they can't get up high to roost so a literally sitting ducks
Or peacocks

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