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Prolapsed vent advice

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AWaferThinMint · 29/03/2023 07:35

Yesterday I spotted one of my girls had a prolapsed vent. I’ve followed advice online and separated her, cleaned her with warm water, and gently pushed the prolapse back in. She’s currently in a large dog crate in the old Wendy house snug in bedding with plain food and water to give her chance to heal.

my question is how long I should isolate her for to give her body a chance to heal? I’ve tried to call my vet but can’t get through.

i know the outlook isn’t good if it doesn’t get better so just want to give her the best chance.

OP posts:
AnEmbarrasmentofWitches · 27/02/2024 21:39

@AWaferThinMint I know this is a year old - how did your girl get on? We have had a chicken with a prolapse today, we have cleaned her up and pushed the prolapse back in, but she seems to keep pushing it out again. We’ve put her inside in a warm box separate from all the others but , like you, was looking for any experience from chicken keepers here.
Hope she was ok!

AnEmbarrasmentofWitches · Today 10:52

Just an update in case any help to anyone else - after the first 12 hours she had pushed the prolapse back out again, so we did the same hole cleaning, hydrocortisone cream and gently push it back in, and put her back in the warm. 24 hours later she seems very perky and hasn’t prolapsed again. So we are keeping a close eye and keeping her separate from the others.

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