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Moulting in winter? Or something else?

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LaBelleSauvage123 · 05/02/2022 18:29

We have four hens, a Buff Orpington, a Copper Maran and two Lohmans, all coming up to 2 years old. They all started what we thought was a moult very late in the year - around November. The Buff is now looking fine again - gorgeous in fact - but the Maran and the Lohmans still have bare patches on their chests, backs of heads and necks. I can see pin feathers emerging on the Maran but not the Lohmans. In fact they seem to be getting worse. We did have some red mite in the summer which was treated successfully and there are no signs of mite in the coop or on the birds. There are also no signs of pecking during the day - the Buff is definitely the head of the flock but they’re very peaceable together. Is this a very late and long lasting moult? Or something else?

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LaBelleSauvage123 · 05/02/2022 18:30

Ironically the Lohmans have laid without pause through the winter, the Maran irregularly and the Buff not at all!

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Redsquirrel5 · 26/02/2022 17:21

Mine also decided to have a long, slow moult all looking splendid now. Black bantams but one has different cockerel for father I think as two have green/ blue sheen on there feathers in sunlight and one doesn’t. Mixed birds and two cockerels. My lockdown bartered bantams to keep the last Rescue company then she died three weeks later. Bless her.

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