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How do you stop your run being so whiffy?

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CheshireDing · 24/10/2021 21:37

They have an Omlet run with the extension on and hardwood chippings which I rake and put Dry Bed on. They still stink though.

What do you do to stop yours being so smelly please?

OP posts:
Quail15 · 24/10/2021 21:41

I have a big walk in run with wood chip on the ground. Every time I clean them out I use ground sanitiser - it really helps with the smell. I also try and keep the run as dry as possible as they definitely smell more when the ground is damp.

Chasingsquirrels · 27/10/2021 10:23

The size of the run makes a difference. Mine were in an area about 6mx6m and I never noticed any smell at all.
Last winter with avian flu they were confined to a covered area about 2mx1m and it was awful.
They are now in an area about 12ft x 16ft, with half of it being undercover. I notice a slight smell but not horrible just chickeny. I do try and scoop most of the ground poo on a daily basis when I replace the newspaper layer in their house.

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