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Egg collecting apron

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Flashinggreen · 13/05/2020 07:46

My friend has recently got chickens and I wanted to get her an egg collecting apron. I saw one on Instagram It has lots of pouches along the front to put the Eggs in.

I could only find ones from the US on Etsy so over £15 postage. I thought I found a UK based supplier on EBay but turns out is from China and can’t send at this time.

Does anyone know anyone that makes them in the UK?


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Entschuldigung · 13/05/2020 07:50

How many hens has she got? We've got 4 so are only picking up 4 at a time. The most useful thing I have is an egg helter shelter. We add the new eggs to the top and use the eggs at the bottom. Before we had that it was hard to keep track of which eggs were the freshest.

Entschuldigung · 13/05/2020 07:51

That should say helter skelter.

Flashinggreen · 13/05/2020 09:50

She only has 4 but I thought it looked fun more than anything

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