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Adding new hen to group

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pollyhampton · 28/08/2019 18:14

Hi, we have an established group of three hens. Last Friday we were asked to take on another hen (someone had bought her for their grandchildren but only bought one at the parents refused to take her). I know you shouldn't really add one hen to a group but couldn't say no. Two of the hens have taken her on fine, the third will not leave her alone and attacks her at every opportunity. We have separated the new hen in another part of the run so the others can see her and she has slept in a cat carrier in the run but we need to put her with the others. Any advice on how to get grumpy hen to accept her?

OP posts:
andantecantabile · 30/08/2019 21:01

Would it be possible to spray them all with a light scent so that they all smell the same? I've read that if you want to introduce a new hen then to put her in with the others at bed time when it's dark so they all wake up together. Might be useful if you try this, to be up early to sort out any potential squabbles. If you're on Facebook the group called Poultry Pages is really great, if you post there you will definitely get help. Good luck!

CountryCob · 06/12/2019 12:26

Good luck, I have two new rescues introduced to two established hens. Also doing cat carrier in coup. Haven’t had them together yet going to try in few days when around more. I am prepared to put bumpa bit on if needed but have managed without in past. Hate introducing new ones, so far the argument across the fence appears to be between the two most likely to end up at bottom of pecking order which makes sense as bottom is not a place you would want to be, this is not what I was expecting though.....

cmjmama · 28/01/2020 19:00

Get a boy!! I have some bantum breed ones small, sociable pretty and not too noisy. Not natural having no boys around in any society or eco system.

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