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5 month old baby with 7 dogs

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Mumof2beauties7 · 12/10/2018 19:16

Does anyone have any information about babies being around a large group of dogs and puppies? I have a court order which forces my baby to go with her dad for 2 hours a week, he currently has 7 dogs who he breeds and 6 puppies there at the moment, she’s already come home with flea bites on one occasion but I’ve been told I’m breaching the order when I’ve stopped her going there, I’ve looked for certain guidance and procedures online as to what nhs and nspcc advise but with no joy, he also has 4 rats 🙄 if anyone has any info would be greatly appreciated x

OP posts:
Haffdonga · 12/10/2018 19:21

Does he also keep hens?

You might get more help in the relationships or legal sections.

Bowerbird5 · 12/10/2018 19:22

No I don’t but I understand your concern. Can you speak to him about safety? Point out tragic cases and ask him not to leave the baby alone.

pickles184 · 12/10/2018 19:25

What information are you looking for? If the dogs are well behaved and properly supervised then there should be no issues.
I would raise the flea bites as an issue, especially if they are breeding puppies as should have stringent flea control measures in place and it is a concern if he isn't taking steps to prevent them.

Do you have reason to want to cease contact beyond a dislike for him? Serious question as your post appears to be looking for a reason to withdraw the current contact arrangement and you will need more than just a complaint about the number of animals kept?

Also you may want to ask this post to be moved as currently in chicken keepers

Aprilislonggone · 12/10/2018 19:27

We have 4 ddogs but never unsupervised with the dc. Certainly not with a baby. Rats presumably will be caged - except your ex!
I would speak to your solicitor, and report your ex to the council - I doubt he has a licence for breeding the dogs.

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