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How does this look for 2/3 chickens

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MrsMotherHen · 30/06/2018 16:27

This is not my photo I found it on eBay today but this is the set up I have been looking at doing. It's a coop with some aviary pannels making a run.

Is something like this big enough for 2/3 small chickens it will be on a concrete area with hardwood chips so they can stratch around and hang greens around and plant some bits in pots for them. Along with a dust bath area.

I plan to make a liftable lid on the top half of the run and wire mesh the other side instead of all mesh like the picture shows.

Also wont be doing it purple maybe duck egg colour instead Wink

How does this look for 2/3 chickens
How does this look for 2/3 chickens
OP posts:
LuckyKitty13 · 30/06/2018 16:49

Hello, will you be letting them free range when you're at home? Evenings and weekends? If so then yes it's probably okay at a push - bigger will be much appreciated. But really it's too small if they are never let out. I have 6 and they have a 4mx4m pen but I quickly learnt that that wasn't enough and they were unhappy. So now they have 10m x 15m area at the bottom of the garden that is there's, and then they go in the 4x4 pen in the evening so they are safe. They did have access to the whole garden (about 4-5x bigger than the 10x15 area) and they would like that the best - they jostle at the gate and cluck loudly - but they scratch too much at my tender plants in summer, so they only are in the full garden when I'm gardening.

I would also recommend having 3 rather than 2. That way if one sadly dies, you haven't got a single hen. They should never be alone.

Also think about poss full height if they are never going to come out. You need to be able to rake/replace the substrate on the floor to keep it clean. And it will be difficult with a large low height area.

LuckyKitty13 · 30/06/2018 16:50


snickledon · 30/06/2018 16:57

Luckykittens is right, as chickens poo a lot and you want to make the clean up as easy as possible. We have 2 chickens and in the summer the poo has to be collected even more regularly as it attracts flies where we live. Definitely recommend a head height run if possible

MrsMotherHen · 30/06/2018 17:54

we will let them free range to an extent only while we are in the garden we have a very brazen fox who sunbathes in our garden every now and then.

I plan to make the top openable on one side might make it so can open both sides so can stand inside and rake and clean ect.

Will maybe get extra panels to make it as big as possible.

OP posts:
LuckyKitty13 · 01/07/2018 07:59

You also want wire that is thicker than standard chicken wire. Foxes can bite through chicken wire. And also where it goes down the side - dig it into the ground or have it run under the slabs. Foxes will dig, and push to get the run off the slabs so they can dig.

They definitely want to be locked in the coop every night for sure, don't leave them in the run.

Knitella · 01/07/2018 22:32

I have three urban chickens. Unfortunately I think this is much too small even for bantams unless they were free ranging/in a larger area the majority of the time. They’ll get bored (very limited forraging), won’t really be able to run/have a good flap about and it will be very poopy.

Agree re getting 3 to prevent a lone chicken.

Read up on how to fox proof a coop. I think a determined fox would chew into a coop with mesh that - and certainly the run. They’d need skirts too so they can’t dig in. I have an Eglu go up (Gumtree bargain) and am so glad as foxes visit often after dark - thankfully my ladies are locked up in their Eglu then. Eglu is not everyone’s up of tea but is foxproof and very easy to clean.

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