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Omlet eglu classic fox attack

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MamaMumMama · 17/06/2018 10:03

Just a quick one, has anyone else experienced this? I've got it converted as a bunny house and the buns are completely safe but they've ripped up my rain cover and half way through the sun shade. Only had the rain cover a week! What do you guys use?

Omlet eglu classic fox attack
OP posts:
yellowDahlia · 09/07/2018 13:13

We've had a similar experience recently - a couple of weeks ago the fox (I'm guessing) ripped up the plastic raincover. Our chickens were fine but it's encouraged us to beef up their security a bit.

I can't offer advice about a replacement - we're probably going to move our chickens into a larger enclosed run and do away with the wire attachment. I have mixed feelings about this tbh as it's obviously kept them very secure! But we're hoping a sturdy aluminium frame and strong mesh wire will do the same job and keep them safer during the daytime too.

springmachine · 17/07/2018 10:36

I'm just about to purchase an Eglu for ducks because I thought they would be better at keeping foxes out 😱

yellowDahlia · 18/07/2018 21:21

springmachine I can totally recommend eglu - I think it's the main reason our chickens survived despite the fox visiting!

It's difficult to keep them away altogether but the eglu offers good protection I believe.

Honeyroar · 18/07/2018 21:25

We have a borrowed omlet as part of our bunny run. We didn't bring the cover, we use an old horse turnout rug as a shade/rain cover. It has clips that clip onto the mesh. It's quite thick material and made to withstand barbed wire etc.

springmachine · 19/07/2018 12:25

I just saw one come up for sale locally and I've snapped it up! I collect it tonight and have reserved 3 Campbell's to collect on Saturday.
Just to pick up some straw bedding and feed now 👍🏻

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