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Bloody fox

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hipshopshap · 18/02/2018 11:54

Urban area ans we have a nightmare fox, I can’t now even in the day let them out. I was so sad, I popped to the kitchen and heard squawking and ran to the end of the garden and it was too late. Midday on a sunny day, I literally now can’t let them out unless they are next to me. In previous years in the middle of the day it seemed fine if I was pottering in the house and they were innwell before dusk/ our well after dawn. It feels awful they need to be in so much, but I clearly need to watch them directly.
It was my lovely happy Sussex that was got yesterday, she liked to be held and would let the kids push her in a Buggy She was so chilled

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hipshopshap · 18/02/2018 12:00

He even came back within minutes of me locking the others up and taking the body, probably within 10ft of my open door.

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IwantedtobeEmmaPeel · 18/02/2018 13:19

Oh no, sorry to hear this, she sounds like she was a lovely character. This is a big worry of mind and I don't even have chickens yet, but hoping to get some this Spring hence me hanging around this section of Mumsnet. I haven't seen any foxes in my garden but I know they are around (aren't they everywhere) & I love the idea of them free ranging but not sure my nerves will stand it especially if I am in the kitchen as that is at the front of the house. Sounds like it's only safe if you are actually outside with them. Hope you and the kids aren't too traumatised, expect the other hens are missing her.

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