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Bitten comb- advice please?

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Cathpot · 16/12/2017 13:53

Reasonably new hens- got them POL this summer, they grew up together and haven’t seen any aggression at all between them. This morning one of them has a piece missing from her comb. Blood dried , and not sure when it happened as DD let them out this morning. They all sleep together in an eglu inside a larger run. Had them out all day in the garden today and they seem their usual selves hanging about together, not pecking. What should I do about the blood- do I need to get it off her comb- if I do -any tips? These are our first chickens so I’ve not had to deal with this before. Do we have to separate her off or can we hope for the best?

OP posts:
Pixel · 22/12/2017 12:56

I've just had to take one of mine to the vet as she'd had her backside pecked to pieces and there was blood everywhere, poor thing. I'd never noticed any sign of aggression between them either. She had to be quarantined in the shed as she was on antibotics, and there was one thing that I think did help when I was getting her used to being back with the others. I smothered her bare bits in vaseline, and though the 'nasty' hen tried to peck her a couple of times she soon gave up, partly I think because she couldn't get a proper grip, but also because it tasted horrible! Seems to have worked as it's been a few weeks and they are quite relaxed together with no more injuries.

SleepFreeZone · 22/12/2017 13:01

Hens can be evil sods when kept in close confines. Because they eat everything they will often eat each other given the opportunity.

Pixel · 26/12/2017 19:20

Mine have a big walk in run and also come out into the garden every day. I don't think they always need an excuse, they just like to peck things!

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